Who Should Apply

Are you...

  • an early career engineering professional preparing yourself for the next level at your organization?
  • a recent engineering graduate looking to enter the industry with more technical know-how than a traditional entry-level professional?
  • an international student looking to differentiate yourself with an advanced degree from a top engineering school?
  • interested in developing the next generation of health care detection and diagnosis instruments?

Then Illinois' Bioinstrumentation program is for you!

Students interested in the science and business issues related to measuring physiological biological structures (tissues, organs), small biological units (cells, bacteria, viruses), and biological molecules (proteins, peptides, DNA) will find tremendous opportunity for career advancement through the educational experiences gained within this program.

The rigor and challenge inherent in the program is designed to prepare you to be capable of functioning at a higher level within the industry through the ability to accept greater technical responsibility, and to work more effectively by combining creative engineering skills with business expertise.

Upon completion of the program, you’ll be prepared to gain access to the first level of the engineering management track within Bioinstrumentation companies, by proving greater familiarity with the FDA approval process, design-for-requirements, hardware/software validation, team management skills, innovation management, and intellectual property.