Why Illinois?

Rigorous training and hands-on learning from the best minds in the business.

The program builds upon the strengths of the College of Engineering and the College of Business at the University of Illinois. Graduates are equipped with hard-core fundamental engineering skills and big-picture perspective—trained to find creative solutions to multi-level problems.

The College of Engineering at Illinois is a top-5 institution with world-renowned faculty, research programs, and curriculum in the fields of ultrasound imaging, MRI, biosensors, biomedical image processing, point-of-care diagnostics, microscopy, genomics, bioinformatics, and many others. The Departments of Bioengineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering are comprised of distinguished faculty innovators in these areas, with extensive industry contacts through a vast network of over 20,000 living alumni, an industry affiliate program, and close connections with medical research institutions.


The College of Business at Illinois is among the top institutions for technology management. Faculty members from the College contribute their expertise to the Master of Engineering in Bioinstrumentation program by developing course modules that are specifically tailored to enable students to gain skills needed in the bioinstrumentation field.


The University of Illinois is also home to the Technology Entrepreneurship Center, which sponsors coursework, workshops, and competitions that foster an open environment of technical innovation aimed at market success through the involvement of investors, industry mentors, and legal experts.