Boot Camp

We anticipate that many students enrolled in the program will be engineers who have been working in Industry for a few years, or students who may be unfamiliar with certain core concepts that are typically covered only in 200-300 level courses.

Therefore, the program will include an intensive “refresher” experience prior to the start of the fall semester.  Activities will allow students to rapidly engage in the core curriculum while encouraging social interaction with classmates and faculty members.  

In addition, students will be encouraged to review a few fundamental topics prior to starting the program, such as (not inclusive):

  • Basic understanding of human anatomy and physiology
  • Biology – structure of DNA and proteins, such as nucleic acids, amino acids
  • Basic understanding of human disease
  • Wave propagation, especially electromagnetic waves and acoustic waves
  • Basic understanding of circuits
  • Basic principles of lasers and fiber optics, optics like lenses, properties of a laser, diffraction limit, refractive index, diffraction
  • Basic understanding of signal processing
  • Basic principles of Ultrasounds, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, PET and SPECT imaging, CT and general understanding of optical-based imaging