Student Projects

Team building and technical know-how.

Students in the master’s program in Bioinstrumentation demonstrate their proficiency through a team-based capstone design project. During the Fall and Spring semester, project ideas are proposed by clients from industry, teaching hospitals, and clinicians seeking solutions to specific problems. Student teams select a client/issue, assess the market, and conduct competitive analysis, engineering design, software development, prototyping, testing, documentation of results, and reporting to the client. Teams are expected to self-organize their effort over a 10-week period by assigning tasks, developing a schedule, identifying bottlenecks, and gathering resources.

Working with the clients throughout the two semesters, the teams are expected to gain insights to help them implement their idea. During the project, the teams may request guidance from program faculty and may take field trips to the client’s location. Project presentations and demonstrations are delivered during a formal end-of-program event.