Smart. Innovative. World-Renowned.

At Illinois, Bioinstrumentation students learn from faculty leaders in bioimaging and biosensing who have been recognized by their peers for inventions, innovations, and additions to the body of scholarly and applied knowledge. Among the faculty in the Bioinstrumentation program are those known for their work in bioengineering, electrical and computer engineering, management and business, and industry leaders who are developing the next generation of tools for medical diagnostics.

What sets Illinois apart is the instruction and interaction students have with these faculty and industry advisors. They guide Bioinstrumentation students toward a well-rounded background in both engineering and business, such as developing strong skills in imaging and sensing modalities and a solid understanding of intellectual property issues, leadership practices, and regulations related to clinical trials. The one-year experience sets the foundation for its graduates to capably examine an issue or product from all aspects of a "big picture" perspective and effectively compete for leadership roles in global health care fields.