Online Program

The Bioengineering Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign now offers an online, non-thesis Master of Engineering in Bioinstrumentation degree, with special focus on medical imaging platforms.  Online students have access to the same lectures, class assignments, exams and projects as on-campus students without the need to be present physically on campus.  The flexibility of an online is an excellent option for students who are looking to pursue a graduate degree while still working. 

Degree Overview

The program is a professional master’s degree designed for those interested in working in the broadly-defined medical device industry, specifically for companies working in the medical imaging modalities, diagnostics technologies, genomics, and life science research tools markets.

The M.Eng. in Bioinstrumentation degree awarded online is the exact same degree award to on-campus students.  Through the program, students will augment the depth of their engineering background, while also developing fundamental skills in business, product development, intellectual property, and regulatory requirements.  The program allows students to develop skills that prepare them to take on first level supervisory roles in the medical device and imaging industry.

Online students have five years to complete the degree program.  All online students receive access to recorded lectures and follow the class syllabus, including assignments, exams and projects.  The instructors will be available for virtual office hours and answer questions. 

The online M.Eng. in Bioinstrumentation program and online classes are not available to on-campus students and are not intended for University of Illinois employees or non-degree seeking students.

Degree Requirements

The online, non-thesis degree requires 40 credit hours of coursework and mirror those of the on-campus program.  This is comprised of 18 credit hours of core required classes plus a 6-credit hour capstone project and 16 hours of elective courses.  

For additional information regarding the program curriculum, list of required classes and possible electives, click on the “Academics” tab.  Note that not all of the electives will be offered online; courses may be added for online access as the semester schedules are developed. 

Applicants must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college in the United States or an approved institution of higher learning abroad.  An engineering degree is not required, but because of the technical curriculum of the program, students need a solid engineering foundation, which includes advanced math (through linear algebra and differential equations), physics and chemistry.  We are looking to enroll students with strong quantitative background. We will be happy to review the foundational courses taken by the students from a case-by-case basis to advise the applicant’s suitability for this program.

The M.Eng. program is open to all engineering, mathematics and physical sciences students with a grade point average of at least 3.0 (4.0 scale) for the last two years of undergraduate work.  However, all applications are reviewed in its entirety, and not just grades or GRE scores.  Personal essay as well as letters of recommendation are just as important.  We understand that there may be extenuating circumstances to explain GPA and GRE scores, so the student’s entire background is reviewed and considered for an admission decision. 

Application Requirements

  • Click here for a complete list of application requirements

Please note international students must meet the minimum English requirements for the online program, as we are not able to offer an “English as a Secondary Language” course for online students.

Fees and tuition

The online tuition is assessed by the College of Engineering, and can be found here.

As a self-supporting program, at this moment, the online Master of Engineering in Bioinstrumentation is not able to provide any financial assistance.

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